We file individual and small business and state income tax returns, amended returns, and prior year returns. Additional Tax Preparation services include: Filing of Corporate & Partnership Tax Returns, Sales Tax Returns and Estimated Taxes.

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Advance Loan on your Refund

I’m super excited to announce that the Refund Advance is even BIGGER this year! You can receive up to $6,000 for an advance on your refund! Plus, you can receive it by check or uploaded on a Walmart Money Card! More on that below.

Tax Refund Disbursement Options

Getting your max refund is up to us. How you receive and pay for it, that’s up to you. Working with the bank means having a partner that works with you. We have tax refund options that allow you to choose how you get your money. And when the time comes to pay for your tax services, we have options for that as well.

Options for Paying Tax Preparation Fees

Roland Tax &Financial Solutions takes the tax preparation fees out of the refund, making it easy to pay for tax preparation. No up-front fees. Tax preparation fees are paid from the refund so there’s nothing to pay up-front*

Where’s My Refund

Is it here yet? …How about now?

We know. When it comes to tax refunds, waiting is the hardest part. Fortunately, we make it easy to check the status of yours

6-Digit IRS Identity Protection PIN

The IRS IP PIN is a 6-digit number assigned to eligible taxpayers to help prevent the misuse of their Social Security number on fraudulent federal income tax returns.

IMPORTANT: You must have your 1095-A before you file.

Don’t file your taxes until you have an 1095-A. If you are expecting to receive Form 1095-A, you should wait to file your 2018 income tax return until you receive this form. Filing before you receive this form will GUARANTEE a delay in your refund.

Options for Paying the IRS if You Owe Taxes

Credit cards, debit cards, direct debits, installment plans — there are a variety of ways to pay the IRS should you owe taxes this year. Remember, it’s important to pay the IRS by the April 18 deadline to avoid interest and penalties.


A drawing for 5 – $100 gift cards will be held on April 15th, 2019. There will be a total of 5 winners, one $100 gift card each: one winner per household. Winners will be contacted no later than April 30th, 2019.

Need Credit Repair? Need Funding?


The easy way to get paid

Give clients the option to pay you with their refund

Refund Transfer

No up-front costs for your clients

Give your client the option to pay with their refund, and there’s nothing to pay up front. Once Roland Tax & Financial Solution receives the refund, your fees are withheld and paid by direct deposit.

Save time & earn more

Clients that select the Refund Transfer have several great ways to receive their refund including the Walmart MoneyCard. Clients that choose the Walmart MoneyCard are notified when their refund is ready and you receive additional free marketing resources for your office.

Need a Tax Refund Estimate

Haven't received your W2 in the mail? No worries, send us your last pay check stub and we will calculate a estimated tax refund for you