We file individual and small business federal and state income tax returns, amended returns, and prior year returns. Additional Tax Preparation services include: Filing of Corporate & Partnership Tax Returns, Sales Tax Returns and Estimated Taxes.

Advance Loan on Refund

Do you need an instant boost in your score?? We offer Seasoned tradelines separately on a case by case basis. Trade-lines (or “account”) is seasoned (or “aged”) so that when you’re added to it as an authorized user, your credit score is positively affected.

Business Formation

Starting a new business? The business structure you choose will have legal and tax implications. Roland Tax & Financial Solutions will help guide you to the choice that’s best suited to your new entity and get you set up quickly.

Notary Public

Offering Personal & Business witnessing and authenticating document execution and signatures at your finger tip. 

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Haven't received your W2 in the mail? No worries, send us your last pay check stub and we will calculate a tax refund for you

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