Tax Preparation
We file individual and small business federal and state income tax returns, amended returns, and prior year returns. Additional Tax Preparation services include: Filing of Corporate & Partnership Tax Returns, Sales Tax Returns and Estimated Taxes.
Credit Sweeping (Repair)
We help you remove ANY inaccurate, unverifiable negative information from your credit. Our credit rebuilding services will help you quickly increase your credit score.
Do you need funding, also known as, financial backing, money, capital? If so, we can assist you with obtaining Funding, through our program. Funding can be useful for many reasons, such as financial stability, emergencies, business Start-Up or Expansions or simply having a sense of security. If any of the above reasons, sound like what you need, then this is the program for you!
Additional Service
Notary Public -Offering Personal & Business witnessing and authenticating document execution and signatures at your finger tip. Trade-lines -Do you need an instant boost in your score?? We offer Seasoned tradelines separately on a case by case basis. Trade-lines (or “account”) is seasoned (or “aged”) so that when you’re added to it as an authorized user, your credit score is positively affected. Business Formation - Starting a new business? The business structure you choose will have legal and tax implications. Roland Tax & Financial Solutions will help guide you to the choice that’s best suited to your new entity and get you set up quickly.