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Your credit score is the most important factor that lenders will consider when assessing your risk for any new type of loan.  Cleaning your bad credit is not difficult.  In fact, cleaning your credit is relatively easy – provided you have the right information.

Here’s the truth, over 70% of credit reports have errors  in them .   The vast majority of negative items on a typical credit report are in fact VALIDTherefore, simply disputing  all the negatives on your report using a traditional disputing process,  will be “verified” by the credit reporting agencies and remain  on your credit file.  Nothing will change. For this reason, many people falsely believe there is NO HOPE in removing “valid” derogatory information from their credit report and essentially give up.   NOTHING could be further from the truth.  Here’s where we step in…

We utilize a unique process that includes the individual analysis of each negative item on your credit report to guarantee the correct dispute action.  We can correct discrepancies and errors on your credit report, improve your credit score and help you achieve your goals!

Our credit repair process includes a generation of “unique dispute letters” which translates into better results from the first round of disputes. With the method we use, it doesn’t matter whether the negative account is VALID or NOT.  It works because it disputes the CREDIT REPORTING

AGENCIES’ RIGHT TO REPORT THE NEGATIVE  as oppose to disputing the validity of the actual debt .

So what are you waiting on…Get your credit repair process started today, and we will take care of your credit report issues.  If your still having doubts, chick out our testimonial page or let us provide you with a FREE CONSULTATION and determine if your credit report has errors that can be corrected.

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