Tax Refund Disbursement Options

Getting your max refund is up to us. How you receive and pay for it, that’s up to you.  Working with the bank means having a partner that works with you. We have tax refund options that allow you to choose how you get your money. And when the time comes to pay for your tax services, we have options for that as well.

Convenient ways to receive money*

Once the refund amount is issued to the bank, all associated tax preparation fees are withheld and paid, and the remaining funds are issued to the taxpayer.

Walmart MoneyCard

NEW for 2018: Taxpayers looking for a safe and easy alternative to a paper check can receive their refund on a Walmart MoneyCard.*

Direct Deposit

Money can be deposited into a checking or savings account. Funds are disbursed immediately upon IRS or state funding, reaching your bank account in 1-2 business days.

Cashier's check*

Tax professionals may issue checks from their office once IRS or state funding is received. Learn more about where checks can be cashed.


Taxpayers can receive their refund in cash (up to $7,500) from participating Walmart stores for a $7 fee.**

*  Check with your tax professional or software provider for availability.

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