A  federal study released January 2014 by the National Center for Health Statistics regarding the burdensome impact of medical billing on American families.  The study revealed that almost one in five families found it difficult to pay their medical bills.

“This is very common,” said A’Driann Roland, a consumer advocate with Roland Tax & Financial Solutions.  “The impact of unfair medical debt collections can destroy a family’s financial prospects. This federal study demonstrates just how pervasive the problem is.”

NCHS researchers based their findings upon a survey of more than 40,000 families across the United States.

“Unfortunately, medical bills are sometimes sent out for collections while the question of insurance responsibility is not yet resolved,” Roland added. “This is why we developed a special medical focus track for our credit repair clients who have been burdened by these issues.”

Roland Tax & Financial Solutions offers credit sweeping personalized for life’s common credit stressors: medical expenses, divorce, student loan debt, identity theft, and military service.

Remember…Our credit repair process includes a generation of “unique dispute letters” which translates into better results from the first round of disputes. With the method I use, it doesn’t matter whether the negative account is VALID or NOT.  It works because it disputes the CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES’ RIGHT TO REPORT THE NEGATIVE  as oppose to disputing the validity of the actual debt .

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