Good Credit Scores Are Needed Even For Low Paying Jobs
The need for good credit scores hasn’t changed even with the downturn in the economy over the past few years. Even low paying jobs are requiring that their employees have good credit, before they are eligible to be hired. While you might think that because of the economic downturn, employers would have relaxed their requirement to conduct credit checks during pre-employment screening, the opposite is actually true. Pre-employment credit screenings are on the rise. Having good credit scores is now more important than ever.

Good Credit Scores Are Part of Employment Screening
In a recent survey by The Society of Human Resources Management, it was found that 60% of employers run a credit check on at least some of their job applicants. That figure was 42%, just five years ago. The current conditions in the labor market have forced many employers to become much more selective in whom they hire. The reality is that a credit check is a cheap way to screen out prospective employees with a poor credit history. These credit checks can create a discriminatory environment, towards those lacking good credit scores, even in traditionally low paying occupations.

There has been legislative concern about the use of credit reports for employment purposes. Recently Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) introduced the Equal Employment for All Act and lawmakers in at least 16 states have proposed legislation that would outlaw most credit checks for employment purposes. Unfortunately, these legislative proposals are meeting strong resistance.

Rebuilding Credit to Achieve Good Credit Scores
Achieving good credit scores must become a high priority for those hoping to secure employment. This makes the process of credit rebuilding more important than ever for increasing your credit score. Not being able to work because of poor credit would merely add insult to injury. It is also critical that those needing to increase credit score, not take chances with the process, but instead enlist the services of a reputable credit rebuilding service.